Friday, May 18, 2012

"I'm Suspending My Campaign"

Hi, kids. I haven't posted much here lately since launching Tainted Souls as an e-book and starting my new eponymous author blog, and because The Big Litowski was all about my search for an agent, then a publisher, it really serves no purpose at the moment. Plus, I've got nothing to say.

So, until I go looking for an agent again, I am joining the ranks of Bachmann, Perry, Santorum, Gingrich and Paul and "suspending" my campaign, a.k.a. AgentQuest (tm). If you're still crazy enough to be intested in what I've got to say, please check out the new blog, look for me on The Twitters or Face the Book.

Thanks for your friendship and camraderie over the years. It was a wild ride while it lasted.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Why I Hate Facebook

Now, I resisted Facebook for a long time. This is just part of my personality. If everybody starts doing something, I want to do the opposite. If everybody starts wearing bell-bottom jeans again, I’ll start buying boot-cuts. If sailing becomes the rage, I’ll buy a powerboat.

I haven’t always been like this. When I was younger, I desperately wanted to be popular, even as I put up a public face of indifference. I’m a lot older now and for the most part, my I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude is genuine.

But everyone agrees if you publish a book, you gotta have a website and do all that social media stuff, so when I decided to throw Tainted Souls out there into Kindlespace, I caved and hooked up with FB.

I find it surprisingly hard to navigate. Oh, it’s easy enough to check your news feed and see what weird stories your friends have shared with you. But just flipping around between my profile and the other parts seems inordinately strange, plus it’s hard to delete some stuff if you make a mistake, plus…well, in sum, it just seems to me in general more difficult to use and more limited than the product of a megamegabillion-dollar company ought to be.

I should probably note here that I basically hate all these internet companies that have lavished riches on others – principally because it’s others upon whom all the riches have been lavished. I hate Microsoft – enemy of the people – for many reasons, but among them is the fact that the pre-IPO Microsoft once turned me down for an editing job, claiming I was “overqualified” for the position. (This HR philosophy may explain why Internet Explorer, now in its ninth frakking version for heaven’s sake, continues to crash all the time.) I could be sitting on a beach sipping daiquiris.

But I digress. I’ve been trying to set up a separate FB page for a Tainted Souls  “tour” I’m planning and have found the whole process decidedly aggravating. I don’t get this whole timeline format and it seems stupid to employ it for a product. To see how the page looks to everyone else, I’ve gotta log on as a fake user. Plus I can’t move stuff around. Blogger is, by comparison, user-friendly. (Is that still a word?) The whole thing has been a nightmare.

All I’m trying to do is figure out a way to let people know there actually is a book called Tainted Souls available, but I’m a slave to Zuckerberg’s monstrosity. And inept at the task.

Once again, just as in high school, I’m not one of the cool kids.

(Simulcast at my new website.)

Monday, March 19, 2012

I Am Not an Idiot

Having lost the pretentiousness of my youth, and having had so many fits and starts as a writer over the years, I had begun to wonder if I were simply being delusional to think I had any talent as a writer of fiction. So receiving another nice review, this one from Myrica at Goodreads, in which she avers that Tainted Souls is "Intelligent and   entertaining detective fiction, well-plotted with a great array of characters," really makes my day.

No, I am not delusional. I am not an idiot. I can write. And write well. Complete strangers are saying so. It would be nice if more complete strangers were to buy the book -- perhaps it's still delusional of me to think that I might some day make some money at this trade, even a modest amount -- but just knowing that I managed to craft something that is "intelligent and entertaining" gives me a warm feeling.

And no, I don't mean that I spilled soup on myself.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Better Than James Joyce

The very nice "Josh T" gave TAINTED SOULS a rating of 4 or 5 stars over at Goodreads, depending on how you look at it. Anyhoo, looking at his other (many) reviews, I noticed he liked my book more than A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Now, I would never compare myself to James Joyce, but...'nuff said.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Me, a Guest Blogger? You've Got to Be Kidding!

I'm honored to be guest-blogging today at Misha Gericke's My First Book blog. (As Steven J. Wangsness. This whole thing of having two identities is getting complicated.) Check out her blog if you're interested in my opinion on whether we write books or they write themselves.

By the way, have you told everyone you know to buy my book TAINTED SOULS? Everyone? I thought so. Get off your duff, Missy (or Bud, depending) and flog my opus. (That sounds dirty, but it's not.) The groceries aren't going to buy themselves, you know.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Good Reviews or Hot Sales -- Which Is Better?

Another very nice review at Amazon gives Tainted Souls five stars, lauding it as "definitely worth the read." The reader said the book reminded him of "the old detective movies," which is a great compliment in my book (pun unintended, but I'll take it).

Of course, it would be nice if more people were buying the book, too, not that I have any illusions on that score.  Still, it's frustrating trying to figure out how to just make readers aware of the book's existence. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat; it's a challenge for writers whose books are traditionally published, too, so you can imagine how much more difficult the task is for the self-published. On the other hand, looking to the future, I suppose I'd rather have great reviews and low sales than modest sales and crappy reviews. As delicate as my bank account is, I think my ego is even more fragile. (Of course, probably like most, I'd happily accept a boatload of bad reviews for bestsellerdom; who wouldn't?)

What about you? Would you rather sell a couple thousand copies of a book that gets so-so reviews or a few hundred copies of a book that garners lots of praise?

Monday, February 27, 2012