Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Day, Another Milestone

Received my first rejection from a snail-mail query today. After my current wait-and-see hiatus runs its course, assuming, mirabile dictu, I don't receive The Call in the interim, I think I will send out more snail-mail submissions. For one thing, close to half of the agencies on the humongous list of possible targets I've compiled accept only snail-mail queries while up to now only 10% of my queries have gone through the mail.

More than that, though. There was something more genteel, quainter, about the rejection-in-the-mail than its electronic counterpart. Easier to take, less impactful (to use a neologism I dislike), less angst-inducing than that unread e-mail sitting in the inbox, staring silently at you like a snarling cougar about to spring. Old-fashioned in a good way, like those ice-cream parlors from a bygone era they have at Disneyland/world.

Plus, the little form rejection was printed on a nice card, which makes a helluva nicer collectible than a printed-out e-mail.


  1. Keep them all...and practice the evil laugh...with a vocal coach, if possible.

  2. This one time, I submitted a short story to a literary magazine, and when I received the rejection letter in the snail mail, I used ot as a kleenex, crumpled it up and threw it into the trash. Now, you're sort of making me wish I would have saved it, put it in a box with the letters from my summercamp friends. When I am old and gray, I could whip it out and say, "little did they know!" I might throw in "it's their loss" or "stupid motherfuckers" for emphasis.

    Well. I'm certain there will be more rejection letters in my future. I'll just save those.

    Sorry 'bout your snail mail reject, buddy. Maybe you'll have better news tomorrow.