Thursday, September 17, 2009

Just Got the Crap Scared Out of Me!

Remember that request for a full I got last week? There was an e-mail from that agency in my in-box. I thought, "Oh, fuck, they've passed on it already!" (Getting two other rejections in the last two days didn't help.)

Turns out the assistant was just thanking me for sending it.



  1. Congrats! Crisis averted! LOL; I would have reacted the exact same way.

    How thoughtful of that agent to thank you for sending it -- and also easing your mind. Now you know that they have it. I don't remember if you told us how you'd submitted it -- electronically or via snail mail -- but either way, it's nice to just know that they got it!

  2. Electronically. It was nice. One of the reasons I freaked out was because there are so many complaints about agents NOT acknowledging that they received a requested ms. that it never occurred to me that's what they were doing!

  3. I get such a hot rush in my stomach each time I see an agent email in my in-box and I hold my breath as I open them.

  4. That's awesome! So jealous...*turns green*

  5. Congrats on the request for a full! How very cool that they took the time to send a thank you. Not only is that super polite, but you know it got there.