Thursday, September 3, 2009

Orcas Rule, Agents Suck

No, agents, you don't really suck. That was just an attention-grabbing headline (see posts on the First Five pages, above and below).

Took the kids camping for a couple of days with a whale-watching excursion tacked on. Saw four transient orcas just off Vancouver Island. The big male was flapping his pectoral fins and smacking his fluke. It was magnificent. It was a long ride out there and back from Anacortes, WA, but well worth it. And it got me away from the computer and especially e-mail for a couple of days -- ah, the bliss.

Two rejections awaited me when I got home, making nine altogether. Still, my query is running 20% at prodding requests for a partial, so that's not so bad. I think. Of course, a few of the agents I've queried are notorious non-responders, so not hearing from them may mean they've rejected me already but I just don't know about it yet. What a goofy biz.

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