Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To Query More, or Not to Query More: Part II

I'm coming up on four weeks soon for some of the queries I sent 8/21 without hearing a peep. Should I take at face value the agency that says they respond "within two weeks" but only if positive and move them into the reject space? Or should I allow some slack time before deciding it's over between them and me?

How many queries are too many? Is there a downside to sending out another five, ten -- hundred? How many can I have out there at any time? 25? 30? 50? I can't really see how it could hurt to send out more, unless I think my query letter sucks (I don't know what I'd do differently with it).

So I'm going to be conservative and send out just five more. Should be some rejections rolling in any day now, right?


  1. I think you're response stats are pretty damn good right now. Does this mean you should send out more? Why not? There's nothing lost by sending out more. That said, I think 4 weeks is not that long to wait for responses, so maybe give it another week or so.

  2. Depends on the agent. I've queried a couple that said that if they didn't respond by such-and-such a time to feel free to resubmit. Maybe review the agent info. Just a thought...