Sunday, September 6, 2009

To Query More or Not to Query More

I decided earlier that I would try to keep 25 queries out there at all times. So each time a rejection arrived, I'd send out another query. Now, I'm not so sure. Should I wait and see a bit? Maybe my query letter's not working. Should I rewrite it? I'm pretty happy with it and not sure how I'd redo it. But if I wait, am I just dragging out this interminable process even further? Is the problem that I'm not reaching the right agents? The solution to that is a big blitz of queries.


These thoughts are prompted by two more rejections that were in the in-box. I have to hand it to Laney Katz Becker of Folio. I queried her last evening and she was in with her "no" this morning. Considering I'm on the West Coast and she's on the East, that's a remarkably fast turnaround. I don't understand why, if she can do it, others can't. The queries that get no response are the worst -- am I just waiting, or have they already rejected me (not me, the query!) and I just don't know it yet?


  1. Love your blog! :)
    But what did you query Laney with? Her profile says she doesn't do fanstasy/urban fantasy? I saw your profile states that's what you write, so that may be why you received the reject :-/

  2. Anon -- My book's a mystery/suspense. Thanks for your comments about the blog -- tell all your friends!

  3. It can never hurt to revisit your query... that said, where are you getting your agent listings? There is a couple really good books out there for agent listing that also have some query tips. I know, advice is cheap.. I haven't started my query process yet. I'm thickening my skin for the countless rejections.
    Best of luck.