Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Achy-Breakies

Feeling better -- no cough -- but still got the achy-breakies and a killer headache. This flu, whatever strain it is, is no fun. A tip for you parents out there: our pediatrician has already run out of flu vaccine, as have a number of local pharmacies. I was able to find a pharmacy that still has some and am going to bushwhack the kids this afternoon and take them in for shots. So if you're planning on getting your kids flu shots, get on it now before there's no flu-juice left.

In other news, followed this link to a hysterical New Yorker parody of a modern publishing marketing plan.


  1. Get better already!!

    What's going on with the partial you sent? Still no word?

  2. Thanks, hope I do. Not a peep on the partial -- but then, it's been "only" 56 days since I sent it off...