Sunday, October 11, 2009


Ordinarily I only blog about the agent quest, for a couple of reasons: (a) lots of other people blog about other stuff, and (b) I have nothing interesting going on. I will make an exception today to note that I am sick as a dog with some kind of flu and hope you avoid it, whether what I have is of the swineish variety or not.

The curiosity: the average time agents took to respond to my e-mail queries has been 7.92 days (not counting those I wrote off for no response at all). The median was actually shorter, like 6 days. But it's now been 28 days since I've gotten any kind of response at all to the rest of my e-queries out there, only a quarter of which date to August. What gives, I wonder? Do these longer response times mean anything? Or is it just a random walk?

Excuse me while I cough. Wash your hands when you're done reading this. Ack. Ack.


  1. *Dons a surgical mask so she doesn't get Travener's cooties* I hope you feel better soon bud, and don't worry, those agents tend to do everybody the same way. Hang in there bro. Persistence (or 'bugging the shit out of') is the name of the game.

  2. My guess is the agent's assistant has put you in the "maybe" pile instead of rejecting you outright, so now you have to wait some more while the maybes get sorted. Just my hunch.

  3. Usually agents will let you know in their submission requirements how long you should expect to wait. Some will tell you to go ahead and resubmit if you have not heard from them within the period they have specified.

  4. Some do, some don't, Tina Lynn. Also, some say they will respond in X weeks and don't; some say they won't respond just to reject, but do. It's a jungle out there!

  5. There are some cool blog contests going on right now for submitting opening paragraphs or first 250 words... check out fiction groupie and nathan bransford entries from today.

    Get well soon!