Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Query a Day Keeps the Nuthouse at Bay...

I couldn't stand it. I had the query heebie-jeebies, that antsy feeling that comes when you're not flinging queries into the void and just checking your e-mail a hundred times a day to see if something, anything, anything at fucking all, has arrived.... So I broke my resolve not to query more for awhile and fired a single salvo -- to California this time, my first non-NY agent target.

I'm good for now, but I'm an addict. A query addict. I need rehab.

Anybody got the address of Queryholics Anonymous?

UPDATE: Well, this is...interesting. Not fifteen minutes after I sent the above-mentioned query, a form rejection came screaming in from another agency. It's as if I prodded the cyberbeast into action. Hmm...


  1. Um, if you need something to fill up your inbox, just comment on blogs and opt to have the follow up comments emailed your way. That's what I do.

    It makes me feel like I have beaucoup amigos.

  2. I'm only desperate for e-mails from agents, Amber. Otherwise I do have a life...sort of.

  3. Ugh, I hear you. I've been itching for the responses too. I use a separate e-mail address for sending them to so when I get no responses, I get NOTHING. LOL The scary thing is, I may start querying novel #2 soon. I can imagine the fun then.:)

  4. I wish I had something worth querying for, my friend.

  5. I wish I could help you with your addiction, but I have the same disease.