Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Raft of Rejections

A good first question: what's the collective noun for a bunch of agents? I've chosen "raft," in the sense of a grouping of waterfowl sitting together on the water, as the collective noun for rejections, but agents... Hmm, a "murder" of agents, as in a murder of crows? How about a "query" of agents?

Anyhoo, as promised, I decided to move a query of agents from the "waiting to hear from" column to the "rejected me" column -- ten in all. Arguably I could have moved a few more in, or left a few out.

I could have put these ten in a separate category, like QueryTracker's "Closed/No Response" option, but I think it's better just to call a spade a spade and count 'em as rejections. I felt a certain relief at writing them off that way, sweeping them away, the kind of feeling you get (or I get) after straightening up all the crap that's accumulated around the house and vacuuming the carpet.

Plus, it opens up space for more querying if I so decide!

1 comment:

  1. LOL! A query of agents.

    That's classic. Everyone needs to start using that.

    I'm sorry to hear the search is so frustrating for you. Hang in there. Talent will win out.