Sunday, November 29, 2009

100 Fraking Days

It's now 100 days into the quest, and I'm no further along than I was on Day 2 -- one partial out there. The difference is that on Day 2 I had a sort of giddy, enthusiastic optimism, and now I feel like I'm adrift on a leaky life raft without oars or sail, hustled hither and yon by currents I don't understand, powerless.

Excuse me as I try to get a grip and remind myself that I'm an adult.


  1. you said fraking!
    And yeah, the query travel sucks. I haven't as much as looked at mine this holiday weekend.

  2. I know the feeling. The rejections come pouring in just as the requests seem to stop.

    Once I started a new book I got back that giddy, innocent feeling. It's like, "holy cow, this hasn't been rejected yet! The world is my oyster!"

  3. I know, I've been rejected so much that I've switched my focus from my YA WIP to my middle grade (MG) WIP. I know subliminally I'm thinking "well, obviously no one's acquiring YA right now. The market must be saturated, because my MS is SOOOOOOO good. So I'll do MG. That'll sell." At least I am self-aware.

    On a Cylon note, I saw The Plan over the weekend, the spouse and I couldn't wait for it to show up on TV so we bought the DVD. Pretty good stuff.

  4. Shhhh, shhhhh. There, there. Have a cup of hot apple cider (put some rum in it, there you go).

  5. Jm - Frakin' A.

    K.M. - I haven't got past my really vague notion for a new one yet.

    TCTBVI - I just finished watching The Plan. And yes, it was surprisingly interesting. I also watched Caprica over the weekend. Liked it too.

    Sierra - Make it scotch and leave out the cider and I'll drink it.

  6. *gives you a complimentary bitch slap* Snap out of it bud, a new year is acoming and good things are waiting.

    Time to requery! Charge!

  7. Turn the other cheek and I'll slap you, too. Then, I'll let you get on my ship. I haven't been querying so it's still very sturdy:)

  8. Be sure you make plenty of room on that ship Tina, you've got a full crew chomping at the bit to join.


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