Monday, November 2, 2009

17 Things You Don't Know About Me

As promised, here are 17 things you don't know about me. If you haven't already done so, check the post below to see if you won a Big Litowski Golden Pin Award.

1. I do not currently own a dog.
2. I am distantly related to Sam Houston.
3. I grew up in Tucson.
4. My favorite movie is not The Big Lebowski; it's Bladerunner.
5. I once watched the July 4th fireworks from the South Lawn of the White House.
6. I have never been thin. Ever.
7. I drink scotch, never bourbon.
8. My favorite Beatles song is "Norwegian Wood."
9. I rode in an elevator with Sophia Loren and was very rude to her.
10. I have lived in or visited 42 countries, not counting airports.
11. The best decision I ever made was taking my family to New York to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade.
12. My favorite color is purple.
13. I speak Italian.
14. The one thing I really hate is hypocrisy.
15. I have never had sex in a car; once on the beach, though.
16. If I had it all to do over again, I'd be an archaeologist.
17. My favorite meal is corned beef and cabbage. Seriously.


  1. Interesting, Travener! I feel I understand you a bit more now!

    I'm curious as to how you were rude to Sophia Loren, why, and her reaction...

    "I have lived in or visited 42 countries" Good grief! I am, by comparison, widely untravelled...


  2. Wow, I though my list was random:)

    Purple is my favorite color, too.

    And I hate hypocrisy as well...and condescension.

  3. I've had sex in a car (well, okay, multiple cars) but never on the beach. Sandy vag doesn't sound cool.

    Purple is my favorite color, too... you might have noticed that by looking at my bloggy wedding pictures.

    And thank you kindly for the award. Ahye am so flattered, dawlin'. (That's supposed to read with a southern drawl, since I'm the Louisville Filly!)

  4. Amber, you're supposed to same the TMI stuff for Thursdays:)

  5. OMG, I'm still trying to pick myself up off the floor from Amber's "sandy vag" comment, I'm laughing so hard.

  6. Perhaps I should have elaborated -- "on the beach, in a sleeping bag."

  7. Ok, I'm glad you cleared that one up. Me arse was a itchin' just thinkin' bout all that sand! Here in Louisiana, we have no beaches, so I had to settle for an old tattered blanket by the creek. Don't ask how many 'squitos bit me that night.

    FYI: naughty bits get bitten too :-)

  8. All this talk of sand and skeeters has got me thinking maybe I should have restricted this list to "16 Things You Don't Know Abot Me."

  9. What did you say to Sophia Loren?
    What brand of scotch?

  10. I was introduced to Loren and grunted in her direction like a pig.


  11. Grunting like a pig is not so rude perhaps. Unless it was as an impression of a pig.
    Also, I am glad it's Laphroaig because that really is the only kind.