Saturday, November 7, 2009

Hooray for Holly Root

A loud round of applause for Waxman Literary's Holly Root, for writing this sensible piece demystifying the query process and telling everyone to chill out a little. Here's some pithy quotes:

If you really read and adhered to every.single.thing. every agent said online you would never finish a book or a query letter....

I have heard from so many writers who are terrified of "offending" agents or breaking some rule. Nothing about this process should be anywhere near that scary.... It's publishing -- not nuclear disarmament. I am an agent, not Emperor Palpatine.

OK, let's agree not to make her regret writing this by all querying her at once.


  1. So funny. I queried her like A DAY before she posted this. I guess I'll expect to hear back from her in a year, now that she will be the most popular agent in the universe. :)

  2. She's sounds down-to-earth. I likey. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. I actually queried her a week or two ago. I hadn't read this. Funny!

  4. Queried her two months ago and haven't heard anything. She sounds stellar though. Maybe the lack of a rejection means I can query again in couple of months? We can dream.

  5. Awesome... I'm gonna keep this in mind.