Monday, December 14, 2009

How Can You Laugh...

Don't know why I have the blahs this morning. A couple rejections dribbled in over the weekend in the mail, but that's hardly novel. (Ha. A pun.)

Should be in a good mood: the house is all Christmasy now, with a nicely decorated Fraser fir and the usual mantelpiece stuff.

Can't explain it, but...blah. Blah. Down on the ground.


  1. I am strangely frustrated and negative today, myself. It's not the holiday season--I love the holiday season. I don't think I got enough sleep and I have a headache, and now many things annoy me. Like: why don't agents read my blog and then offer me representation as a result? Or, why do people take so long to read and critique my manuscript? Or, why are people critiquing AT ALL--they should be praising and falling all over themselves in joy and love over what they read?

    Alas, I may have to resort to cannibalism jokes to make myself laugh again. I know that others don't find cannibalism as funny, but I really do.

  2. Thanks, Tina.

    Sierra, you set up a great joke there, but not one I want to post in a public place.

  3. Sounds like PMS, maybe you accidentally ingested some estrogen. We women lace our blogs with it.

    And rejections, even when I have gotten used to getting them, are always a downer.

  4. I thought this might make you feel better.


  5. Roni - I hope not.

    Amber - You can read me like a book.