Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Query Vacation

I'm on query vacation till after the holidays. Feels weird not to be sending anything out.

In other, somewhat disturbing news, I seem to be losing interest in my book. It's not that I don't think it's good, not that I'm going to stop querying it, I just...well, I just don't like thinking about it much anymore.

Is this normal, you think?


  1. My guess is that this will wax and wane over time - it has for me, I know.

    Thanks again for all your help! Enjoy your break from querying.

  2. Totally normal. Oversaturation. I started losing interest in mine a few weeks ago, too. But that's because it's been burning holes in my retinas on a nightly basis as I struggle to polish it.

    I want to finish writing the next one now. The next one is sitting there, struggling like a racehorse in its starting gate, ansty to RUN.

  3. I think it's a good thing you've decided to take a holiday break. Agents and publishers are busy entertaining and need a reprieve this month. Start fresh after the new year.

    As far as losing interest in your manuscript...I read something yesterday (I'll find if it I can and send you the link) but the article basically said that unless you've read/edited/proofed your manuscript until your absolutely sick of it, you're doing something wrong.

    That should make you feel better. That and the fact that I'm sick of ALL of mine too :D

  4. Ditto, i.e sick of my two novels as well. The literary one I'm trying with agents again: I know it upside down, inside out, and have lost all objective view of it, not knowing if it's good enough or not.

    It happens to us all of us at some point Travener, so I wouldn't worry. Perhaps it's time to take a break from it then start something new. Coming back to the novel after six months might have given you a bit of your objective eye back again, so you can attempt (it's only an attempt by all of us, I'm certain) to read your words as a total stranger/reader would.

    And querying can be "soul-destroying", I know. Sounds like you've made the right decision there to leave it for a while.

    Positive vibes to you though, and plough on!

  5. I agree. This month is not a month for querying. Between NaNo and the holidays, your letter will get lost in the mix.

  6. I'm in the same boat these days. I'm just feeling so blah about it. Besides, it's December, everyone is swamped and busy and behind. Better to save those queries for January.

  7. I'm with everyone. There's no rule that says you have to query until...

    I started querying in May. Or was it June? After plenty of rejection and only tepid interest I haven't sent anything out in months. I was thinking of getting back into it, but after New Year's seems like a good idea now.

    And yeah. I got pretty sick of mine too.

  8. I'm with you there in the "sick of it" area. I think it's totally normal. The good part is it makes rejections sting less!

  9. Good time to write a story or two.

  10. My interest waxes and wanes. One moment I'm back to loving it, then next I've moved on treating it like a dejected lover.

    I've noticed that all is pretty darn quiet on the query front. I guess the holidays are another silent time for agents.