Friday, December 4, 2009

Sex, Sex and More Sex

Ha, that got your attention, didn't it? Expressing my love of certain female attibutes over on Tinn Lynn's Sweet Niblets blog (it occurs to me as I write this that I was praising a certain sort of sweet niblets), I recalled the most recent Bad Sex Writing Award.

I will never win one, because, despite the potty mouth and being comfortable with sex itself, I feel uncomfortable writing about it. My sex scenes, such as they are, are tame. She takes off her bra and hurtles herself at him...and then the next thing you know it's over and they're resting in bed smoking cigarettes and talking forensic crap. That kind of thing. Just like in a PG-13 movie.

Dialogue I can do. Writing about sex I can't (Sierra -- I mean, "won't"). I figure if I ever have to have an honest-to-gods sex scene I will steal it from the one in Snow Falling on Cedars, which is both lovely and erotic.

What about you? Any hot sex scene in your MG novels? Any paranormal zombie/vampire sex?


  1. I can't do it either.

    Write it, I mean.

  2. I write contemporary romance, so there are definitely sex scenes--and they are really difficult to write. The first time I submitted my "get it on" chapter to my crit group, they told me all that pushing and pulling sounded like a workout and not the good kind, lol. I've hopefully gotten much better at it, but I can see why you chose to go with the fade to black method.

  3. Are you talking about the time you said you'd had sex on a beach and I coined "sandy vag?"


    I sometimes struggle writing sex scenes, haven't really gotten a handle on it yet. The first sex-ish scene in my WIP takes place when my mc is a younger-teenager...

    "Matt shoved his hand inside Laurel's jeans and stuck his finger inside her while they watched a movie in his parents' living room. Laurel could hardly look at him at church the next morning."

    See, that's not even a scene. I guess I only write around the sex for now. Ergh.

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  5. Eh, sex scenes should be written just like you would observe on the tv. I've written sex scenes that managed to turn my hubby on intensely.

    I have one sex scene in my novel The Trinity Saints, but it's like you mentioned Trav.

    Basically foreplay and then skip to the pillow talk.

    What can I say? Some things are better left in the bedroom :D

  6. None in the work I'm currently querying for (hmmm, maybe that's part of the problem?).

    As with everything else, I'd write one if it was necessary to advance the plot. As for whether it'd be any good...well, I'd come at it like any other scene: what am I trying to show the reader here?

  7. I can't say if my sex scenes are any good, that's for the reader to decide, but I sure do like writing them. Unfortunately, I don't have zombie sex scenes to share--honestly, I can't wrap my mind around that.

    Though I do have a strip scene that is pretty darn racy, does that count?

  8. I think less is more one it comes to sex. I wrote a story about a guy going across the border for a blow job and recalling his first one, and never used one word for the male anatomy, or any synonyms for the act. I have a WIP about an exotic dancer who gets around and my sex scenes are all about how she feels with each guy, not A happens, then B, followed by C and D. When I read, I prefer them left to the imagination. I'm not sure if I am all that good at the techniques I use, but I did write a strip tease scene with no mention of body parts, and it got rave reviews. I actually like to challenge myself with these things.

  9. :)

    Yes, I have one in my novel. I alternate between feeling horribly embarrassed just LOOKING at the words, and thinking I'm a wuss for the words I did use and I need to boost it up.