Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Rejection of 2010!

Well, The Plan (see post below) is off to a rollicking good start. I noticed one agent who'd been on query hiatus for some time had opened up to queries again...so whipped one out to her yesterday. Roughly 18 hours later, her nyet was in. I'll probably start the query blitz today -- I settled on 32 agents -- though I had been planning to wait a week, figuring there'd be a deluge of queries piling up in agents' in-boxes and pissing them off...but Janet Reid said now's the "perfect time" to query, her theory being you'll get in before everyone else who's waiting till next week. So, per my usual approach to these things, WTF.

Speaking of agents, Jennifer Jackson has her 2009 statistics up, and they aren't pretty: 8,004 queries received (!), 47 proposals or manuscripts requested, 5 new clients signed. If you do the math, that's a survival rate of 0.062 percent. Ouch.

And an update: The agent that some of you -- you know who you are! you're on my list now! -- convinced me to re-query says she's still not moved.... Actually, I took it pretty well. BFD. I think this attitude arises from the fresh start I've given myself for the new year. We'll see how long it lasts.


  1. Sorry about the R. Probably the same agent I was talking about in my last post.

    All of the agents left on my list only take Snail Mail queries. EEEK

  2. Bummer. Man, I have got to finish my ms so that I can join you in HELL.

  3. Well, if you get too depressed but don't want to kill yourself, point the gun right over here, pal. You'd be doing me a favor, seriously.

  4. Tina Lynn, my sweet, I don't like the sound of that. What's going on? Your blog pals care about you.

  5. You're not alone Tina and Trav, my year ain't off to a good start either. My novel, The Trinity Saints is no longer being published by Lame Goat Press and my daughter is sneaking out at night to meet with boys and smoke only God knows what.

    I just thought 2009 was awful, 2010 ain't looking too good either.

    I've only whipped out three queries, they'll prolly all be, Eh, good, but not for mes so what's a writer to do?

    Move under the bed and hope Domino's delivers?

  6. Dawn, that's terrible. So sorry to hear your bad news -- on both counts.

    C'mon, guys, let's get some positive vibes in the air and get 2010 straightened out!

  7. Sorry for the R. I got a big fat R on a full yesterday, so I feel your pain! Come on 2010!