Monday, January 4, 2010

The Plan! Oh, Man!

Well, I've teased a bit about 'The Plan,' my strategy to hog-tie an agent, so here's The Big Reveal.

Actually, it doesn't amount to much more than starting afresh, as if I'd never sent a query. That's why I got rid of the stats on the queries I've sent, rejections I've received, etc. I'm starting over, as with a blank slate, tabula rasa.

Basically, I'm going to send out a blitz of queries next week -- thirty, forty, who knows, fifty! -- with the only wrinkle being that I'm going to split them between two variations of the query letter. I'll hit up some different agents at some of the agencies I targeted before and spread my querying around more geographically (up to now I've been more or less exclusive to NYC).

The one question I have is whether to re-query the agent who way back in late August gave me some feedback on my first chapter (feedback!), finding it not unique enough, but who expressed a willingness to see a revision. On the one hand, who better to send the revised first chapter to than someone who said she'd take another look? But what if I send it to her and she still doesn't take to it? Having my new, First Five Pages-friendly chapter one bounced a second time by the same agent would really be a bummer. I don't know how well I'd handle that.

I may just have to flip a coin.

Or let you guys vote on it.


  1. I vote for the resend. No guts, no glory.

  2. If you feel you've addressed the agent's feedback, then I would vote for requerying.

  3. OK you three, I sent it. If she blows me out of the water and into a fit of depression, I'm gonna blame you! (And Too Cute, don't forget I know where you live...sort of.)

  4. Well damn, I wrote a comment but it didnt show up. Anyway, thanks for the shout out in the previous post. hell yeah, I am a number now. But I wanted to say resend it! Rejection wont kill you and you wont die, but I totally know what you mean. I have had an agent that has had my memoir for 6 weeks. I was debating sending a nudge (just to make sure she actually got it), but I kept telling myself, it is better to not know than it is to get rejected. But...I sent the nudge (about two hours ago) and I am sitting on pins and needles, 99% sure it will get rejected (I have made some changes to make my proposal better), but I am starting to learn rejection makes us stronger and better writers...

    Good luck.