Friday, February 5, 2010

Don't Infer That I'm Implying Anything

OK, I usually don't write about stuff other than the AgentQuest (TM), but I'm reading an otherwise well-written book whose author confuses "infer," which means to gather an idea of from facts or statements, with "imply," which means to suggest indirectly. So, damn it, (1) don't any of you do that and, (2) WTF is up with copy editing these days?

Also, if you've been watching Caprica on the Scify channel -- and by the way, why is that "Scify" and not "SciFi"? -- you'll have noticed that young William Adama's eyes are brown even though old William Adama's eyes were blue. If they made Edward James Olmos wear blue contacts for four years the least they can do is make the kid who's playing the admiral as a youngster do the same.

Done ranting for today. So far.


  1. Stephen King always confuses "that" with "which" really bugged me but I had to let it go. I mean, he's not an idiot. Some people just have ingrained habits.

  2. Its actually ScyFy (with two Y's) which is even more retarded. And Really? Bill Adama with brown eyes... they even had another (somewhat) younger Adama wear the blue contacts... consistency people! Sheesh.

    And WTF is up with copy editing indeed.

  3. Why the frak did they make him wear blue contacts? Not that I ever noticed, but what was so important about that character he had to have blue eyes?

    And it's SyFy - no c. NBC thought it would be a way of programming less Sci-fi if they changed the name. My guess is we're gonna see an influx of reality shows.

    Remember when TLC was The Learning Channel? Now I think it stands for There's Little Couples (everywhere)

  4. Matt, they made Olmos wear blue contacts so he would have blue eyes like his son, Lee (Apollo).

    And you and Jm are right -- it's Syfy, which is even weirder.

  5. Does anyone remember when MTV played music? Infer and imply are easily confused by those less astute than you Trav. You're right. Infer is a conclusion based on facts whereas imply is guessing.....Your bringing home a case implies a party to me.

  6. Is Caprica good? I am a huge BSG fan, but the previews for Caprica didn't interest me that much. And I guess "SyFy" is due to America's love of mispelled brand names (you know, like "Flickr.")

  7. I loved BSG, but can't get into Caprica... which disappoints my husband to no end.

    Also, what were you inferring when you asked if they were real?

  8. Meghan - Caprica's no BSG (no Starbuck, for one thing) but it's still got what I liked most about BSG - that poking around in the dark areas of the human heart.

    Amber - I'm not inferring anything, nor am I implying. I am merely inquiring.

  9. SciFi went to Syfy because of a trademark issue, sorta: