Monday, March 8, 2010

No-Post Monday

Actually, that's really only no-post Monday evening. Cuz you know it's Big Bang Theory night.

Actually, that's not the reason. I just got nothing to say. Nothing worthwhile, that is. I don't plan ahead. You know me, Mr. Spontaneity. Ha ha. That's what they called me in college.

No, that's not true. I made that up. That's redundant. From the Department of Redundancy Department. That I stole from the Firesign Theatre. Who probably stole it from somebody else.

Really, the deal is, I'm just trying to get someone to comment and want to see if anyone will bother to read this drivel this far down.


  1. After The Big Bang Theory, I couldn't not come here, spend all of a minute and a half reading, and then a further thirty seconds saying nothing about it.

    Well, I could have.


  2. Doh. I was going to come over here and announce "Frist!" the way they used to on The Capitolist. But Matt beat me to it.

    "The Big Bang Theory"? This is a TV show? Presumably not about the actual big bang theory? (Sorry, pop culture after about 1988 or so confuses me - except for The Sopranos and, early grunge.)

  3. I read all the way to the bottom. I finished it. Now, THAT'S redundant, love. :D

  4. The earth began to cool, the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools. We built the wall.

    We built the pyramids!!

    (Do you know how long it took me to learn the theme song?! Weeks! That middle part is hard.)

    (And please tell me you pause your DVR at the end to read Chuck Lorre's message. Last night's was especially funny.)

  5. At least you've written something, Travener; I cheat by bunging in other peoples videos on my blog!


  6. Amber - I LOVE the theme song. It's one of the few shows I Tivo that I don't fast forward the theme. And, yes, I always read Chuck Lorre's message.

    ...math, science, history
    unravelled in the mystery
    that all started with the
    Big Bang