Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Trail of Tears

A reader calls his journey toward publishing "The Query Trail of Tears." Man, if there's a better description I haven't heard it.

What do you call your version of AgentQuest (TM)?


  1. I call it the best effing thing on earth. Are you kidding me? I recently saw someone on Twitter say "Yay, I got a request for a full! Guess I better send that in..." And then, "I will go do the dishes and then work on sending that full." And I thought, Do the dishes? Are you kidding me? You've got a full request, and you're going to go do the dishes? WHAT.

    We are lucky to have a way with words, and lucky to have the opportunity to pour them out. (See my Word Up tomorrow for more on this, specially for you Trav.) I call this a great opportunity. For those of you who would rather do the dishes than pursue publication -- well, okay. But when I'm ready, I'm pushing forward with everything I've got, because this writing lark is one of the best things in life.

  2. I'm somewhere in between the trail of tears and Sierra's optimism. I've done the query thing, had some good moments (fulls requested, personalized rejections, etc.) and I've had the pile of form rejections. I'm on query adventure number two now, but this time with publishers instead of agents since it's short length romance.

    I think it's an exercise is masochism, but what else can we do?

  3. You already know what I would say lol

  4. Yea, I tend to agree with all three previous choices. Although the word "hell" does come to mind also.

  5. i call it a very shiny light at the end of a tunnel full of as-yet-unwritten words.

  6. "The on the road to nowhere activity" "The pointless pain-in-the- butt exercise" or perhaps "The disappoinment button".

    I guess I could add "The hope springs eternal application" or "This time it's gotta be the one, posting".


  7. OMG. I love querying.

    I also love gum surgery, getting my legs waxed, and watching movies with my father, who cannot SHUT UP the moment the credits begin to roll.

    Also, I've developed this twitch whenever I do get a request for my ms. I actually wait as long as I can before sending that attachment, because for those brief few shining hours, between request and when I hit send, it's all good. You see, I've figured out that it's the sending the mss out that triggers the rejection. If I could just exist in that post-request, pre-rejection bubble, I'd be quite happy. Yes, quite happy indeed.

  8. Sierra - We'll check in with you once you've started querying.

    Roni - Yeah, what can we do? We're stuck.

    Jenny - Whatever do you mean? ;)

    Dawn - Hell, it only feels like eternity!

    ATM - A long, long, long, long tunnel...

    David - It's OK, you can say "pain in the ass" on this blog -- or "pain in the bum."

    Kara - Yeah, getting an actual request is a bit like asking for further humiliation.

  9. Still at the no-MS stage, which feels like it's own trail of tears sometimes. So the moniker works IMHO.

    Trav, in light of your trail of tears comments, something over at my place for ya, BTW. Enjoy!

  10. Just discovered your blog today from your comment on the Rejection Queen's blog. And wow, I'm right there with you. I did a post about the 'query trail of tears' just this morning, but mine is titled, 'Hope the thing with feathers, but sometimes those suckers are sharp and sting like a bitch'. That pretty much sums it up for me.