Monday, April 5, 2010

I Want to Kill My Cat

Seriously, she's been meowing for attention all fucking day as if I haven't fed/petted her enough, which I have, in fact, done, at least in the estimation of any normal cat.


  1. You think that's bad, when mine wants attention he does what I like to call a meowl. It's horrifying. Or he'll just pee on me.

  2. Remember that time I killed a cat? Accidentally, I mean. And -- I didn't really kill it, my car did.

    Well, if you think about it, it was really kitty-suicide. The way it darted across the road without looking was just reckless.

    Damn cats.

  3. I'd say go ahead and do it [as my wife cheers in the background] - not huge cat fans over here. :P~

  4. Trade her in for a dog, Travener! (Only joking!)

    Our little dog (Jack Russell) follows me constantly like a shadow. It sure gets on my nerves sometimes.


  5. My decrepit tabby meows ALL GODDMAN DAY AND NIGHT. I hate her. I've had her 16 years and she never shuts up. If the bottom of her foodbowl is showing in the slightest, she caterwauls in the most annoying whiny meow I ever heard until a few bits of kibble cover it up. She meows for petting, for play, for water, for effing everything that ever existed.

  6. You could always take him for a spaghetti ride, which is what my husband's mother did to his cat when he was a kid. Drove it in circles so it couldn't find it's way home and then dumped it in some park.