Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Last Girl Scout...

The last Girl Scout campout with my daughter, that is.  We take off in a couple of hours.  Next year, she'll be out of Girl Scouts and into her clique-ridden Mean Girl upper-middle-class middle school.  I'll just be older--older than I ever thought possible.  And where on the road to being published will I be?  It's gotten to be such an absurdly long slog that I'd even forgotten to note the eighth-month anniversary of AgentQuest (TM).  Kind of scary how a book is like a baby:  at first you count their age in days, then weeks, then months, then years.  Then they stop being a little kid and go off to middle school.  But in my book's case, it's still stuck in the nursery.

Oh, fiddle dee dee.  I'll think about that tomorrow...


  1. I hope you had fun camping with all those girl scouts.

    I was a gal scout. We never did anything outdoorsy. I've been cheated.

  2. Well? Did you survive? Did you have to make a tourniquet at all? Seems we spent a lot of time as kids in scouts being preoccupied with proper tourniquet technique. I've never heard of anyone actually making one.