Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why I Haven't Posted Much Lately

I know I haven't posted much lately, though I thought the graph I put up yesterday -- was it yesterday? -- was pretty funny and would have drawn more than three of my occasional readers loyal followers in.  Sigh.  What can I say?  I already confessed to lack of marital cohesion.  Lack of Fedex from the nice but maybe not so efficient agent lady.  I spend all my day now writing crap articles for little money when not shepherding the child units around or dealing with the spousal unit's dyspepsia.  In short, life sucks right now.  You're probably bored of hearing about it.  I know I'm bored of living it.


  1. Hey...I posted on your graph (on the first one you posted but deleted). I thought it was hilarious and chuckled for at least two minutes.

    Life sucks a lot, but little moments that are amazing make it worthwhile. ths is what I tell myself so it doesnt always seem so shitty.

    Hang in there. Did you ever email the agent and ask her, whuck is up?

  2. Right. Do you harrass the nice agent lady. Just a little bit? I'm feeling a little grumpy too. I just lost a follower. How the hell do you do that?

  3. Yup, seems to be a general bit of suck going around.

    But in time like these, I always revert to WWCND. and the CN is, of course, Chuck Norris.

    Roundhouse kicks galore...

  4. Yeah I agree. Send the lady an e-mail. Fair's fair.:)

  5. Dude, I'm so pissed. Blogger often eats comments I leave for you. It must be hungry.

    I SAID something like, "At least you didn't have a gob-stopper sized mass on your nether regions today. Read my post (or don't, because ew) for explanation."

    Next, I said... be glad you did a strikethrough on "occasional reader" because I read everysingle post you write."


  6. Oh yeah....blogger ate like 10 comments I left too (good one Amber, good one!). Yeah.

    Well I feel for you, and there's a good remedy for your woes....boobies.
    And psssst. Life doesn't suck, silly billy. Life is JUST GETTING STARTED.

  7. Nether regions? Kisses? Boobies?

    Why there Trav, I do believe things on this here blog o'yours are looking up.

    Hope things in real life start looking up too. I agree with your other loyal readers: email is the way to nirvana. :)

  8. Eeps, sorry about that old chap. I'm on a media fasting right now and can only sneak in peeks a little at a time.

    There's an award for you over at my place that may cheer you up a bit.

    Don't despair, you aren't rowing the boat alone.

  9. Any news yet from agent lady? I'm actually not clear on what she's supposed to send you. Edits? Comments? Whatever it is, hang in there. I tell people congratulations when they get a rejection because it means they took the initiative to send something out. Good on ya.