Monday, May 3, 2010

Ignorance Ain't Bliss

Well, I sent an e-mail to the nice agent lady last week letting her know I was still alive and waiting for edits (in a very nice and roundabout semi-funny and not-whiny way) and her response response.  It's a good thing that despite my advanced years I have most of my hair, otherwise I'd have nothing to tear out.

In the meantime, let's all congratulate Kristen on getting herself an agent.


  1. Dude. I am honored. Thanks for the link.

    When faced with an unresponsive agent, one can only assume the best. Like, perhaps her recent trip to the Amazon went horribly wrong and she is still recuperating in a Brazilian rehab facility that specializes in parasitic infections of the ear canal. Something like that. IOW, it has nothing to do with you.

    Yeah. I know that probably didn't help one freaking bit, did it? It just sucks to wait.

  2. Bummer to hear she hasn't responded. Hang in there; She might just be busy. Let's hope. I am right there waiting with you. My proposal was probably received last Thursday, so I will probably wait for a month, maybe two. Possibly three. It is maddening.

  3. Maybe she's just testing how self-resourceful you are. When you talked with her, did she give you enough of a hint to know what changes she wants? If so, it wouldn't hurt to begin working on those revisions. That way, if radio silence continues, you can still email in the future to say that you've revised everything according to her advice, etc.

  4. You can always just say really mean things about her like that one rejection queen blogger.

  5. She's probably super busy putting together deals for her clients, in all honesty. I hear things are getting better in publishing. If you do become one of her clients, you'll like that about her. :)

  6. Too Cute - who did you hear this from?

    Anon - well, I have pursued some changes, but she's the one who had some specific critiques and I want to address them, so I need them from her.

    Amber - no way. She seems nice, really. I just don't get why she hasn't sent me the edits and why she hasn't responded to my e-mail.