Monday, June 7, 2010

I Want to Sleep With Scarlett Johansson

First Roni did it, then musing Amber.  Now, me.  Next: you.

My Favorite Beverage

[Laphroaig scotch]

My Hometown

[Tucson, Arizona]

[current hometown]

Favorite TV Show

[Fey = funniest woman in the world]

My Occupation
[formerly:  big middle-ranking shot at Very Important Organization]

My First Car

['67 VW Beetle - had the new headlights but the classic chrome bumper]

My Favorite Dish

[corned beef and cabbage -- seriously]

Celebrity I've Been Told I Resemble

[unlike William Hurt, I still have all my hair]

Celebrity on My To-do List

[I should be so lucky]

Favorite Childhood Toy

[still have him]

Any Random Picture

[Google "any random picture" and this is what you get]

Your turn!

Update: Changing the title of this post to "I Want to Sleep With Scarlett Johansson" to see if it will draw more attention...


  1. Scarlett's on my list too. BTW, there's a little something over at my place for you. :)

  2. Wait, Roni and Amber want to sleep with Scarlett Johansson, too? I always like reading other people's memes but hate doing them myself. Why is that?

  3. Your title change did the trick for me. I saw it and thought, "Hmm, better go see what all this is about."

    I also tend to respond to titles that go something like, "My life sucks gas and I'm giving up" or any variation on that.

    So it's sex and death for me all the way.

  4. My whippersnapper has that exact same lion. I think I love it more than he does.

  5. LOVE seeing the celebrity you resemble most of all. You are on my top five list of "elusive bloggers."

    I always pictured you as a ringer for Richard Dreyfess for some reason.

    And BTW, who doesn't want to sleep with Scarlett Jo? A threesome with her and Ryan Reynolds would probably make my heart stop. Literally.

    Did I just say that?

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  7. You are wrong, Scarlett is my little one!
    & I want to sleep with her as the days go by & let me sigh just like the one who'll get the brow that makes her lie into my arms & think up well what we have to get on with our charms...Hey little girl - there's a witty sense of trying in time what we don't feed with our love. There's a riddle that use to cry only when you sell your heart above.