Sunday, June 27, 2010

Literary Agent Scandal!

Hey, here's an interesting article on how Saul Bellow's former agent has disappeared among allegations of missing royalty money.  Something to be wary of, if we ever actually do get ourselves a flippin' agent.


  1. It is unsettling to think about, isn't it? And now, some agents are contemplating charging hourly rates to their clients. We may soon have to float a loan to get an agent. I think Wilie E. Coyote over there is holding the right sign.

  2. I rushed to read the article, thinking that his name might be King.... it wasn't. It never is.

  3. Ha! Trav, you're getting good at these sexy blog post headlines. First Scarlett Johansson and now this. Perhaps your missed your calling as a tabloid writer.

    So. I read that article. Take away lesson? Same as applies to American foreign policy: trust yet verify. Which means, I think, in this circumstance, that you ought to pay attention to your bank account and not to the compliments your agent pays you.

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