Sunday, June 6, 2010

Men Who Write Chick Lit

So, can men write good chick lit?  I ask this because I just finished Beginner's Greek by James Collins, a sort of modern-day Jane Austen-type of novel wherein various people find their way to True Love.  There was a lot of verbiage about what people were feeling, why they were feeling that way, what they might or might not do about their feelings.  The kind of stuff that usually doesn't appeal to, uhm, men.  I found it hard to finish and basically skimmed the last 100 pages just to get to the end.  So, the question stands: any male authors you know who write great chick lit?  Now that I think of it, any women who write great thrillers (as opposed to mysteries)?  And should we care?


  1. Um...Nicholas Sparks comes to mind. Of course men can write Chick lit, I just think too many of them try to overcompensate. As a rule, men don't tend to think (or feel) like women do, so they try to. Which is an epic fail waiting to happen.

    BUT, some men DO get women =)

    I write thrillers *jumps up and down* and I think they're pretty darned good. But we'll see.

    Nice to see you around!

  2. None of the chick lit genre writers I read are men. (I don't count Nicholas Spark or James Patterson as chick lit authors.)

    Doesn't mean it can't be done.

    Chick lit is supposed to be stories about the things that affect women in their lives. Some of it is stupid (hence the derision the genre gets), but a lot of is the writer expressing understanding about what women think and feel and worry about and celebrate.

    The closest thing I can think of a man doing is that the dude who wrote Memoirs of a Geisha.

    I don't read thrillers so I don't know if women write them, but I'm going to say YES. :)

  3. What is this 'chick lit' thing you're talking about? I only read books for children because I am pure of heart. But even for kids/teens, the gender differences are striking. So few books can draw readers of both sexes. It's kind of a goal of mine to do that.

    So. Yeah. I got nothing to offer as regards books for grown-ups. I'll probably think of something at 3 am, though. I'll come back then.

  4. Hmm, good question. I can't think of any female thriller authors off the top of my head, but I have read many great female suspense (which I consider small scale thrillers not mysteries) authors. Maybe the key is to combine talent. I know Bob Mayer (thriller author) and Jennifer Crusie (Chick-lit author) have penned a few books together. I haven't read any, but maybe they've figured out how to appeal to both sides.

  5. I think it's more of a mentality thing than a gender thing. There are certainly some men who can write good "chick lit" and there are women who can write "guy lit" the same time, there are plenty of women who write really crappy chick lit and lots of guys who write awful guy lit.

    There is definitely a sort of stigma that says gender should dictate the genre that an author writes, but simply being male or female doesn't necessarily mean that the writer's talent will gravitate to their stereotypical gender genre.

  6. Interesting post. I do think there are gender specific stuff most people gravitate towards, but I wouldn't say it's an absolute. I actually just read an awesome suspense thriller by a female author. Check out my blog tomorrow for an author interview/book review.:)

  7. I think Nick Hornby writes something I'd call close to male chick lit. About a Boy, for example?