Friday, June 11, 2010

Special TMI Friday - Travener Revealed!

Scores of you have been clamoring for a photo of the real Travener (OK, well, Amber has), so here it is!

Now, this is an, uhm, somewhat dated photo of me.  This is not because I am vain (Carly Simon once told me that song is not about me), but rather to protect myself from having to defend myself against the horde of my many fans in the Greater Seattle Area, among them Dawn Simon and Too Cute to be Very Interesting, who will demand my autograph if they see me in the street or at Fado.

This special treat will be up for 48 hours only (that TV show: yes, inspired by an old feat of derring-do of mine), so it comes down at 10:31 a.m. PDT Sunday, June 13.  Enjoy while you can!


  1. Nice. Not too terribly different from what I'd envisioned, though I'd expected longer hair and (don't take this the wrong way - it's based on what you say) a few more pounds.

    So how is your Fado in Seattle? We have one in D.C. and it's pretty good except it gets mobbed on Fridays at happy hour - so bad you can't get near the bar. So I haven't been there much lately. We used to go there for trivia, though.

  2. Fado? Dude, I haven't been there in years. These days, you're much more likely to see me at Sam's Club. You'll be the cute guy. I'll be the one with the two screaming hellcats who are trying to scratch each other's eyes out.

  3. Too late, I've already copied it and will use it for blackmail purposes.

    *evil laugh*

  4. I can't decide if I think you look my (no-longer-in-my-life) biological father or if I am attracted to you.

    I also can't decide if it's okay that THOSE are the two options I've given myself.

    This was super exciting. I'm so glad you posted the photo and that I didn't miss the small window of time in which to view it. :)

  5. I love this picture! It's so... writerly. I could totally see it on a book jacket! You're on a train here, right?

  6. Lt. - well, I may have put on a few...
    Too Cute - the rollarama in Lynnwood, then.
    Dawn - damn, you're clever!
    Jenny - you are too kind.
    Amber - now you've got me weirded out.
    Coffeeluvin - nope, a ferry, basically a train on water though.

  7. Ah, the dark brooding writer. Yes, the perfect picture for your book jacket. So, what is this anyway, we now have to post real pictures of ourselves? Yikes. I've become all sun weathered. Too much time outdoors and not enough at my laptop. You need to grow the hair and keep the bushy mustache. Cheers!

  8. That was funny. :) Glad I came on time. You look very writerly. I don't go to Fado, but I've been to the McDonald's by the ferry. I'm sure it's just as cool.

  9. Hey, Travener, I'm a new follower so pleased to meet ya!

    Interesting picture of yourself, you look like a very sophisticated individual. I see that in your profile you have written, "Would-be author," which is cool because I want to be an author myself. Someday.

    Anyway, I'm liking your blog so far and look forward to seeing you become a real author.

    Write on!

  10. It's June 14 but I still got to have a look-see. What a nice surprise to see such an admirable, non-weird 'stache.

    Very book jackety portrait all in all. Although in an ideal world, you'd have a lit cigarette in your hand and maybe a revolver in the other.

  11. Oh, wait! You do have a cig in hand. I couldn't see it very well on my screen, but then I noticed the smoke rising above your head.

    Great. Now just airbrush in a gun and you're all set.

  12. Travener looks exactly as I pictured him. And definitely like a mystery writer.

  13. Yvonne - yes, we demand to see your picture, sun wadis and all.
    Dawn - I'll be lookin' for ya at the McD's at the terminal next time I take to boat to Bainbridge. Or Bremerton.
    Vatche - welcome!
    KLM - you crack me up, as always. I love the idea of Photoshopping in a gun!
    Kara - just like you pictured me? Ah...

  14. Ahhhhh haaaa! My secret lover revealed! INTERESTING!

    Fado's not so bad, we have Fado in San Francisco (it's naff though) and a Fado in Atlanta that is a bit loud, but somewhat okay.

    In Seattle I prefer Kell's, even though its walls are covered with FILTHY FILTHY Celtic filth. They do a good roll and also have a Hibernian salad, which of course is a winner. OF COURSE.