Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why Did I Watch 'The Road'?

Just finished watching The Road.  Movie of the book of the same name by Cormac McCarthy.  Post apocalypse.  Dreadfully depressing.  But I knew that going in, because I already read the damn book.  So why did I watch the damn movie?  Spoiler alert: don't read the next sentence if you plan on seeing the movie and haven't already.  Even if they tweaked it with just the teensiest bit of optimism in the movie version, totally fucking absent from the book, by having the kid find a living beetle just before his dad croaks.


  1. My husband read that book. I asked him what it was about, and he described it to me -- all the cannabalism and the unredeemed crappiness of the ending -- and I said, "Uh, yeah. I think I'll be skipping that one."

    I like the new blog design, btw.

  2. I started The Road and decided not to go down it for the reasons you describe.

    But wait....cannibalism? Hmmm. Perhaps I set it aside too soon.

  3. Didn't read it or see it. Love the new blog design!

  4. Kristen, Jen - Thanks for liking the new look!

    Sierra - I should have guessed about your proclivities towards cannibalism. BTW, how is Scotland doing in the World Cup?

  5. Also digging the new blog design. Did you pay someone? I want to update my look.


    I did the same: read THE ROAD, then watched the movie. I found them equally depressing, but prefered the book. Can we stop talking about it now? I'm starting to get that nagging tightness in my chest which has to do with my fear of the apocalypse.

  6. Oh I like your new background!! Awesome! Well, I hope the nice agent lady gets back to you soon and makes a decision.

  7. I liked the book. Yeah, it is depressing but I figure it might wake people up. Earth is not indestructible and I liked how we never really knew what happened. I assumed at first that it was nuclear but then with no reference to radiation fallout I wondered. Lots of things could be the cause and some are definitely manmade. So why shouldn't we talk about it? I was just shocked that they never brought it out on the big screen, at the same time we have 90% shit in our local theaters that can only appeal to adolescents, in my not so humble opinion. Even in the book I found the ending hopeful. The movie more so. How about that dog? the kid that played Viggio's son was phenomenal.

    LOVE the new look, by the way.

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