Friday, September 10, 2010

QueryBomb's Explosive Results!

We've got a new feature on The Big Litowski, the QueryBomb(TM) Tracker, to allow you, dear reader, to follow the progress of Trav's latest, greatest, and in all likelihood last major attempt to scam the denizens of AgentLand(TM) into asking to see the magnum opus that is Trav's little mystery/thriller.

So far, the QueryBomb(TM) has worked like a charming thermonuclear device, resulting in a success rate--defined as prompting a request for a partial or full ms.--of 12.5 percent.

Of course, that's based on just one request out of eight responses, but hey, let's celebrate while we can.

Special thanks to Christine Pope and Perri for putting The Big Litowski over the top to 50-plus Followers!  It only took a year.


  1. Wow. This entire post was a POSITIVE one. Go Trav! =)

    (And good luck with the requests!)

  2. Wow! That's an incredible return rate. Congratuations Trav!

  3. You got a request for a full already? Well, break out the goodies. I like your query bomb tracker. So funny.

  4. LOL, this is so funny, I love the name QueryBomb.

    And a full is nothing to sniff at. This is great!!

  5. I mean, 55 queries. Wow. That is the BOMB.