Monday, September 13, 2010

QueryBomb's Reverberations Continue

Another full request late this evening, so QueryBomb(TM)'s success rate stands at 18.2 the moment.

It won't last.  And probably won't mean anything in the long run.

But for the moment, we are savoring again that giddy sense that comes when someone asks to see your work.


  1. Oh, Travener. Why the Eeyore? =(

    I am going to hawk into your account and delete the words "It won't last." and replace it with "I love coffee.", and the "And probably won't mean anything in the long run." to "That's the way uh-huh uh-huh I like it. Uh-huh uh-huh."

    So there.

  2. Actually, two full requests for your entire set of queries would be pretty good. You're already doing better than I have with all the queries I've sent since I started 11 months ago! Best of luck!

  3. There is nothing like it, and it's why we persevere. Best of luck to you. You're inspiring me to forge ahead with a new round. Inspired, I open up my query letter and sigh. Inspired, I browse my list of agents to query and try to pick my top five. Inspired I am by following your plucky quest.

  4. I always relished the small window of happiness between full request and sending it off. (Someone wants to see it! I haven't been rejected yet!) Sometimes I'd try to prolong it by a day or so. That's when hope burned brightest.

    There will be more full requests, I'm sure. I've consulted my Magic 8 ball, and it told me, "Outlook Hazy." Of course that's what it always says. I think it might be broken and yet, oddly, it's always right. The outlook *is* always hazy.

  5. Smack! That's the sound of me smacking your hand for saying "it won't last" and "nobody likes me I think I'll go eat worms." I can't believe you even typed that. Believe in yourself.

  6. You're right, Trav. You are a good luck charm. I suppose that entitles you to a cut of my earnings, paltry though they may ever be. I'll have my accountant be in touch with your money people, and they can bang something out on paper.