Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trav Never Happy?

Matt, over at Pensive Sarcasm, had this to say in passing on a "strange and hazy" blog award to me (the Dead Man in a Pale Blue Suit Award...or something like that): Finally, I always love bestowing awards on Travener, aka, the Big Litkowski. Why? Because I don't believe that even winning an award he did nothing to deserve could make Travener happy. I find that strange.

Now, this is pretty odd stuff.  Is that what you all think of me?  That I am incapable of happiness?

Do you know that at one point, my protagonist's love interest says to him, “You’re afraid you no longer have the capacity to love, that’s what you’re telling me? Wow, that’s some baggage.”

So, to set the record straight, a few things that make me happy:

1. My kids.  They always come first.
2. That I have finally gone from 48 Followers to 49.  Thank you, Franklin Beaumont of London, England.
3. Blues skies, smiling at me.
4. Chocolate.
5. Scotch.
6. A trout rising to take my dry fly.
7. Born in the USA.
8. A really good read. (Recently read, highly recommended:  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire, Where Men Win Glory.)
9. Friendship.
10. Receiving undeserved blog awards.


  1. Congratulations sir. I hope happiness rains down. Don't think we don't love you. I just happen to find ranting and raving Travener the most entertaining.

  2. Scotch only made it to #5?!? Dude....

  3. I don't think you're incapable of happiness at all, Travener. But hey, a blog award is always nice, even if it's because you tend to sound a little like Eeyore. :) (And I can't wait to see how ecstatic you are when you hit 50 followers. lol)

  4. Geesz, someone really said that?? Maybe it's because you're so honest. All those things on your list would make me happy too, except #5. Never could drink that stuff. And Mr. Beaumont just signed up on my site too. (Thank you Mr. Beaumont.) But you forgot one thing. Writing. Isn't that what really makes you happy?

  5. What's this kerfuffle about? Everyone knows the word blog is Swahili for "bitching about the writing life."

    Don't listen to that Matt guy. He's got way too sunny a disposition for my taste anyway.

  6. It IS a good list! I'm glad to know there are things that make you happy... even though it's cloudy-Trav that makes ME the happiest. 'Cuz misery loves company, ya know? ;)