Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stupid Books

So I'm reading this book called Crashers, a thriller I got from the library.  It's about people who blow up planes.  In the first 24 pages, the author makes two howler mistakes.  First, he describes a "colossal" "wide-body" jet with four engines as being similar in size to a Boeing 737, a two-engine, narrow-body jet -- the smallest Boeing makes.  Second, he refers to the National Transportation Safety Board as the "National Transportation and Safety Board."  I mean, for heaven's sakes, he's writing a book about planes and most of the protagonists work for the NTSB and he gets that stuff wrong in the first two chapters.

I mean, it's just annoying.  So sloppy.  Pathetic.  Did I mention annoying?


  1. But I bet his query letter fucking rocked.

  2. Why are you checking out drivel at the library? Yes, he probably writes killer query letters and aren't these mistakes what editors are supposed to catch? Are you going to finish it or move on? I would move on. Reading that kind of writing will not help yours.

  3. The book itself so far is OK. Not great. Yvonne, you're right about editors, but I think they're mostly robots these days.

  4. You want to read something brilliant? Get Emma Donoghue's novel ROOM.
    And while I appreciate your feelings about the number of bad novels being published, it's out of your control.
    Focus on what's in your control. Writing.