Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Trip to the Library

A trip to the library these days is rather depressing.  There are two reasons for this.

One is that that library is haunted by old people, wrinkly-skinned near-wraiths with their gigantic Coke-bottle-lensed glasses and their sweaters covering them up against "the cold," and this is what their life has come down to, this is their entertainment now, their version of clubbing -- a shuffle into the library with all the other elderly to see what new books are on the shelves, because they have all this time on their hands now, waiting to die.

It depresses me because that will be me in fewer years than I care to think.  I'm practically a geezer already.

The other reason, of course, is that there are all these new books on the shelves by all these no-talent schmucks...  I read the liner notes (remember: this is basically your query!) and think to myself, Who would want to read this drivel?

But what I'm really thinking, of course, is Why are these worthless hacks published and I'm not?

So, what's lifting your spirits these days?


  1. Geesz, throw me a lifeline, Traver, I'm drowning!

    What depresses me in the library are these rows of computers that are ALWAYS full while nobody is sitting in the cozy alcoves reading. Yes, there are usually a few old geezers sitting at the tables reading newspapers, wrapped up in bulky sweaters. And that will be me someday but I'm not wearing old geezer clothes. I'm going to be Janis Joplin stylin. We might soon be geezers but we will be dynamic sylish geezers!

    I think envy is inevitable in this business and must confesss to these same uncharitable thoughts. I'm read so many bad books, one recently from a notable author I couldn't even finish.

    I'm going to the library this morning to return OF SOUND AND WATER which renewed my love of literature. I'll check out the new releases and then the shelf of fifty cent paperbacks and smile at a few geezers.

  2. Man alive! Lifted spirits?! My library is the worst. Remember all those old people in Florida who couldn't figure out how to vote in 2000? They lived at a place called Century Village and have their own library branch.

    My branch.

    Always good for a laugh.

  3. I am here with good news. I am the good news fairy. I sprinkle good news into your comments. My library is modern, new, clean, and fantastic. It has a roaring fireplace and while yes, the computers do seem to be full, I always think how nice it is that people are getting out of their homes and coming their to use computers. And yes perhaps the fiction stacks are a TAD shorter than I personally would have set them up to be, and perhaps the books are a tad old, I take heart that lots of books I look for are missing because they're checked out and being read.

    And I take heart in the really wonderful children's garden, and also the new check out book technology that lets me self scan and check out without standing in line.

    I don't see a lot of old people at my library. Mostly, I'm just glad I have one, and that it's open and staffed, and that it continues to be open and staffed.

  4. All very nice, Sierra, but what's that go to do with *me* getting *old*?!?

  5. Good question. Very good frakkin' question.

  6. Here I was, trying to decide if I should commit suicide or not. Well, this post pretty much cinches it for me. I'm turning on the oven....

    Here's what I tell myself all the time: "Gosh darn it, I'm just as mediocre as the rest of these schmucks with books on the shelves." Cheers me right up. Of course, I do drink quite a bit so that cheers me up too. Or maybe it's just that I care less.

  7. Once again, Kristen has provided wisdom: drinking. Surely there must be goodness in a universe that has provided us with beer, wine, and liquor.

    On another note, a few years back my wife and I were hiking somewhere in Colorado as we sat at the top of a mountain resting after a tough climb, we saw a couple most definitely in their 70s reach the top. They appeared less winded than we were. There are definitely other futures besides the sad old folks at the library.