Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One Good Thing

I noticed this morning, as I put off logging on to the Online Man's site to start slaving away to get around to printing out the "requested materials" that the agent who wanted the partial asked for, that my query had included the first three pages of the book.

This is semi-good news, because so many agents make a decision about representing you, if they respond positively to your query, based solely on the first few pages of your writing.  (Google "first five pages.")  So at least that particular hurdle has been...hurdled.


  1. Yes. I was just thinking about that myself. I got a partial request earlier this week, and when I went back and looked, thought "Doh! No pages with the query!"

    Now, I'm not knocking the partial request. I'm thrilled, actually, because I've had so few. But I would have felt better had there been pages attached.

    So good for you for knowing in this case that you're not going through all the effort to have them stop reading on p. 2.

  2. Yeah, it's like you've already made your first impression and your blind date didn't run off toward the ladies room, never to be seen again.

    These are the small, meager victories that nourish us between rejections. Uh, I mean, "on our way to ultimate triumph and redemption." Yeah. That's what I meant to write.

  3. Trav, I've missed you AND your gloomypants. I wish I could stuff an agent in a stocking and give it to you for Christmas.

  4. You know what they say, "Any hurdle hurdled is a hurdle hurdled."