Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Query Bomb: The Sequel

QueryBomb(tm) II launched yesterday, with another 35 queries sent off into the cyberspatial void of Agentland.  Think of QueryBomb II as the Nagasaki to QueryBomb I's Hiroshima, or the Mothra to QB I's Godzilla.

Anyway, this has pretty much shot the bolt -- quick: who knows where that expression comes from? -- with perhaps a few decent snail-mail-only agents left to be queried -- but who wants to deal with those dinosaurs?

Paul S. Levine of his eponymous* literary agency was in with the first rejection, a mere 3 hours, 21 minutes after the query had been sent to him. Good work, Paul!

*Sierra, there's a word for Word-Up Wednesday for you.  (Quick: who knows why what I just wrote will drive Sierra Godfrey crazy?)


  1. Good luck with the new round of queries!

  2. Let none be spared the awesome power of the Query Bomb Mark II (new and improved and extra super duper lethal).

    I know, what's up with the snail mail? I'm certain the agents who require this query approach are merely trying to limit the number of queries they receive. Which may just be an argument for giving one of them a try. It's less likely they'll be inundated.

  3. Because Sierra (of the eponymous Sierra Godfrey blog) already did that word? Or because it's so pretentious?!

    I too have had a couple of those snail mail only agents sitting on my list. And I think, "Should I?"

    But, as I don't have a printer at home, the answer is always "No!".

  4. I need someone to tell me why it would drive me crazy, because *I* don't know! Bravo for using it-- I love it!!

    Well done to Paul Levine for his speedy rejection and well done to you for Query Bombing II.

  5. Congrats on Query Bomb II! I think Paul rejected you even faster than Nathan Bransford rejected me.

    And I agree with KLM - total pain to snail mail queries but yes, I bet those agents get far fewer queries. Can't hurt!