Monday, January 24, 2011

One More Dead Full

Well, 2011's off to a bang-up start, with another full ms. being given the old heave-ho.  That leaves one full out there -- in the agent's hands since mid-September -- along with one partial.  This dodo's about dead.

I know, I know: start another one. Show me where I can slack off on earning money and I'll get started on it.

It's a bummer, dudes.

At least I cajoled Janet Reid into reading my blog! (See comment number 10 in preceding post.)


  1. Dude, bummer. I hear ya on the money thing. I honestly do not understand how people write books and work a job at the same time. When I come home, I want to sit on my ass and watch reality TV, while I daydream about how awesome it will be when my book is published.

    God, I am seriously thinking I have some undiagnosed ADHD or something. My goal for next week is start focusing. But it was my goal last week too, so who fucking knows. Then I tell myself I will wait until I am done with school (only to secure another degree I probably wont use).

    Sorry about the rejection. Maybe that last full will be the all the magic.

  2. I've struggled the last couple of years trying to find an ideal writing time. My current weekday slot is 6 to 7am. It may not be much, but every page adds up.

    Writing involves either sitting in the carpark outside work with my laptop, or sneaking into an empty office for a while; the early start means I can give my writing my best creative energy before work steals my will to live, and I still have time to be a dad, read, watch tv or just wind down in the evenings.

    I'm sure you'll find something that works for you Trav, and in the meantime enjoy the break from writing - sometimes that's just what we need to better inform the next work.

  3. Whoa. A visit from the The Shark herself. See, I told you chumming the waters might attract her. Nothing like a nice bucket of fish guts to bring agents to your blog.

    As for the full reject -- Blah. I read somewhere that it takes 10-15 full requests to get offered rep, which implies that most of those are going to get rejected. Of course, that's one of those totally useless stats you pick up reading stuff online that gets cancelled out by stories about people sending out 5 queries and getting 4 offers of rep. The thing is, though, I followed a few of these folks who crow about getting multiple represenation offers, and their books don't seem to sell any better than books by authors who only got 1 offer of rep.

    Anyway, I'm gonna run out and get a bucket of blood and see if I can't get Janet Reid to visit my blog.

  4. A visit from the Shark! I'm with KLM-- I'm getting out my chum.

    Meanwhile, sorry about the full. Full rejections are the worst.

  5. Most writers work full time and make the time to work on their novels. The odds of making the big bucks are slim, making them off the first book even slimmer.
    If you want this you have to write the second, third, fourth book and so on.
    No choice.

  6. That was why I retired from the Very Important Organization, Ariel. Unfortunately, the part about the spousal unit providing enough earnings to keep us afloat hasn't worked out.

  7. Yes - congrats on the visit from the Shark! And sorry about the full. Hang in there, Travener. And get moving on that next ms!

  8. P.S. And who said blogs aren't educational? Now I know what chumming is.

  9. Maybe Janet Reid can sell the idea of turning your blog into a TV show to a Hollywood producer. Shit happens.

  10. Wow....I mean, really. JR is reading your blog. You should be lighting up a cigar or something. Don't worry about that silly rejection. You'll find your agent match because you obviously know how to write.

  11. Half hour a day, even twenty minutes every other day for writing'll do it, Travener! Go for it, I say! Positive vibes to you and fingers crossed for the full and/or the partial.