Monday, January 31, 2011

QueryBomb III -- The Final Showdown

Remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine complains, "I'm running out of men in this city, Jerry!"  That's about where I am in terms of agents, at least those who profess some kinship with the mystery/suspense/thriller world and appear to have been in business more than two or three months.  So, this latest and last QueryBomb(TM) is aimed at them.  All but five of these queries are snail mail -- I reserved them for the end for the most part out of sheer laziness.

So, kids, this is the last ride of the day in the agent round-up rodeo.  If nothing comes of this, I suppose I'll send the ms. to those few independent publishers who take mss. over the transom, but without much hope.  I'm setting up a WIP writing sked starting tomorrow (the first of the month always works for me) but how much progress I'll actually make remains to be seen.  For one thing, I can't seem to shake this flu I've had since December. Hope it's not pneumonia!


  1. Blech! I hope it isn't pneumonia, either!

    I've been MIA on here for a while (trying to get my writing in order, and this is SO distracting), but I saw this and wanted to send you some good wishes, luck, and whatever else might help some good requests come your way. You deserve to have something great happen to you (the sooner, the better)!

    And thanks for giving me a laugh, I love Seinfeld, and totally saw that part when I was reading it. ;)


  2. Merely saying "good luck" doesn't quite capture the sentiment. I truly hope you become one of those inspirational stories one hears from time to time: "He was about to give up on agents altogether but then finally, he got his big break." There's a reason "never give up, never surrender" became a rallying cry. These are the moments....

  3. I echo KLM's sentiments. Also, just remember that new agents get into the game all the time. Keep an eye on those people! Query them!

  4. Agree with the folks above. I'm pulling for you big time, fwiw. And Nick's point about new agents is a good one.

    I guess I'd also say to keep your eyes open for a chance to pitch to agents at a conference near you.

  5. Good luck with this last ditch effort... and you never know... something just might come of it OR one of the former bombs de query.

    And get thee to a doctor!!

  6. Thanks for dropping by :). Hang in there and keep at it. It never works when you don't.