Monday, February 14, 2011

Five Months Later...a Partial Request

Wow, 2011 is just taking a crazy road.  First, a partial from a snail mail query.  Now, a partial request from QBI, released on an unsuspecting AgentWorld back in September!  From the Grasping-at-Straws Department, this must mean 2011 will bring something really unsuspected -- like an offer of representation.  Right?  Right?  Anyone?

Oh, and regarding Miss Nudge-or-Not, from comments on Absolute Write, it's clear she's backed up, 'cause she's not getting back to anyone.  So we'll just wait her out.

What other weird stuff will 2011 bring?


  1. I don't know Travener, but I hope that whatever other weird stuff happens, it ends up being a GOOD weird. I've noticed much more interest from agents on querytracker since the new year began -- maybe it's a good sign for all of us!

    Crossing my fingers for you! =) Keep us posted!

  2. What's QBI? Whatever it is, congrats, and I do hope 2011 brings you lots of wonderful unexpected things!