Friday, June 3, 2011

My Dreams Come True...for Someone Else

When I retired from the Very Important Organization four and a half years ago, the idea was that I would finally have the time to write a novel, get myself published and thus become in life as in dreams, a writer.  At the class that the VIO gives its about-to-be-retirees, I became friends with this woman:
Her name is Pat McArdle and she was retiring so she could go build straw bale houses.  Instead, she sat down and wrote a book called Farishta which won the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in  2010 and has just been released by Riverhead, home to The Kite Runner, among others.

So, please take a look at Pat's book.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking about building a house out of straw.


  1. Yes, I was in the Amazon contest that year and saw that she won. I should check out the book. Trav, you can always try the contest, too. If you make it through the first couple of stages, you can get feedback on your work and a publishers weekly blurb. I'll note that this is a very unusual way to publish a book - you get a contract and a $15,000 advance, but no agent, etc. Not sure if most of the folks who win go on to publish additional books in more traditional fashion. But congratulations to Pat!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Trav and thanks for your comments Lt. Cccyxx. I had planned to self publish Farishta and hand out copies to family and friends. I'd never heard of the Amazon contest until a friend suggested I enter my manuscript. It still astounds me that I won, but the reality of being a first time author is now sinking in. It's not the book party, tour PR bonanza I've been fantasizing about for the past year. This week Penguin told me to go to several local book stores to sign the stock copies of Farishta. After winning a contest like this one begins to imagine one's book being displayed in the window of Barnes and Noble and people fighting over stacks of your novel. The reality is that two of the book stores had ordered four copies each, but didn't pull them out of the storeroom until I arrived to sign them. The other two bookstores were still waiting for their four copies to arrive. The guy who won the Amazon contest last year said he was instructed to round up family and friends for events. It's a cold cruel publishing world out there, but if you have a book inside trying to get out you have to give birth no matter who cares about it in the end. There was a great piece in the Wash Post a few weeks ago about how much money people are making by publishing their own works on ebook. I do have another book i'd like to write. If I'm a one-book wonder, I may try that avenue next time. Trav, I love your blog. It's laugh out loud funny. Pat

  3. Very cool! Now, get your book to the independents!
    March on!

  4. Love this blog! There's always a fun, new plot twist. Who saw this coming? Congratulations, Pat. I seem to recall reading about J.A. Jance sitting outside of Albertson's for years your pushing her books before she became a force in the cozy community. Don't let up, Travener. Success is obviously right around the corner.