Thursday, October 20, 2011

Battlestar Agentica: The Final Score

A form rejection for a partial sent in July trickled in yesterday, pretty much putting the final nail in the coffin of my quest for literary representation. Technically, the search isn't over because there's one more partial out there, but being realistic, I've already closed that out as "Closed/No Response" on my QueryTracker account.

So, the final score is as follows:

Agents queried - 285
Partials/fulls requested - 26 (about 9 percent)
Rejections/no response - 259

Of the fulls that got read, the responses were:

-- I loved it but then six months later after I led your around by the nose my bosses told me we don't know the right kind of editors -- Nice Agent Lady who broke my heart

-- I started out really liking it ("You're a fine writer!") but then decided it got worse as it went along ("I'm pretty sure everyone will agree with me [that it's not publishable"]) -- Long-established agent who really made me feel bad

-- I thought it was great, entertaining and ingeniously plotted, but in this market we have to be 150 percent enthusiastic and we're not, so... -- L.A.-area agent

-- Feh.  It just didn't do anything for me. -- A couple of agents.

The rest were just form rejections or close enough to that to be just as anodyne.

That's precious little for more than two years' worth of agent-searching.

I hope your search for an agent is going a lot better.