Monday, December 5, 2011

Lesbian Lumberjacks!

I was thinking last night of great book titles -- or rather, great titles for books.  How about Lesbian Lumberjacks on the March? Or, Pastry Chef Vampires?  Or, Lesbian Lumberjacks vs. Pastry Chef Vampires?

Heaven only knows what those books would be about.  The title might refer to nothing more than a TV show set in a futuristic world or a rock band or something.

What are some great titles you can think of?


  1. Titles are not my strong point. But you've just proven the power of the I am to see what the Lesbian Lumberjacks are up to!

  2. Are the pastry chefs vampires or are they vampires that only eat pastry chefs? I like the second one better.

  3. See how lesbian lumberjacks stuck in my mind?!

    I thought the pastry chefs probably sucked the filling out of doughnuts but ...not sure.

    I'm convinced that a lot of poetry gets published because the title is clever -- a lot of the ones with clever titles just stink. But...sorry, no good examples are popping to mind. I've repressed the titles because I'm so jealous, prolly.

  4. How about "Lesbian Lumberjacks of New Jersey"?