Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Last Partial

Ultima partialus, as the Romans might have said.  Or maybe ultimus partialius.  It's been a long time since I took Latin.  Whatever. Quidquid.

Anyway, I just sent off the last requested partial I'm going to be sending any agents.  No more querying.  I've done run out.  So that leaves me three partials out and one full.  Checked in with the agent who has the full this morning since it's been six months.  Doing that usually prompts a rejection, so we'll be able to write her off soon.  And the agent who three weeks ago promised to get back to me "in three days" hasn't contacted me, lying SOB.  And the other partial I have out there has been gathering dust for about four months, I believe.

So pretty soon I guess I'll be changing the subhead of this blog from "One Writer's Search for a Literary Agent" to "One Writer's Search for a Publisher."  And after that...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dang Peculiar

Back in September, when I sent out QueryBomb(TM) I, I included an agent I had previously queried but hadn't heard from.  This led to an immediate request for a full, followed a few months later by a rejection (the "no urgency" one).  So here's the weird part.  Yesterday a rejection notice arrived in the mail from the same agency.  This is in response to my original, snail-mail query sent to her in January 2010 -- 14 months ago!

Heavens, am I still going to be receiving rejections on this ms. years from now?  Will this hell never end?