Sunday, August 28, 2011

WIP Summary

This is all i have so far. What do you think?

Robert Patterson is in the midst of a midlife crisis. He hates his job, his wife is an alcoholic shrew, his mistress has cut him off, and his bulimic slut of a daughter won't move out of the house.  One day he decides he's had it and disappears in the dead of night. The only problem is, he's the president of the United States and soon every government gumshoe is on his trail. While Patterson goes cross-country on his journey to discover where it all went wrong, his staff try to fend off his scheming, born-again vice president, who wants to take over and plunge the country into a holy war against the South Asian nation of Zeberkistan.

Somewhere along the way he holes up with a young woman who's got piercings and tattoos, but that's about all I have so far.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two Frakking Years of Querying

Well, kids, it's been two years now since I sent that first batch of 20-25 queries off into cyberspace.

And what a couple of years it's been.  Adding our family's personal financial crisis into the mix made the preceding 24 months just all that much more special...

Well, what have I learned from all this?

Mostly, that if you like being frustrated, try getting your book published.

I offer no real advice -- and why would you take advice from me, anyway? -- other than that the two most useful websites I found for queryers are Querytracker, where you can find agents for your genre, etc., and keep track of all your querying, and the AbsoluteWrite water cooler, where writers discuss their experiences with agents, good and bad.

Those of you who've followed my semi-irregular postings lately know that I've queryed to the max now, hitting up just about every decent mystery-genre agent there is. I have, I think, two fulls and a partial out there but let's not kid ourselves: they'll say the same thing as everyone else, either (a) sorry this isn't for me or (b) hey, this is pretty good, but in today's lousy market...

Unless they follow the lead of Agent X, who first led me to the mountaintop and then kicked me over the cliff. Or they might do me in with protestations of how much they love my book, a la the Nice Agent Lady, before they stick the shiv in.

In one way or another, 2011 is going to be decisive.  Absent a miracle, I'll give up on agents for good at the end of next month and query-bomb the ten or so publishers I've identified who take mysteries over the transom. And then when I'm done with them, it's off to e-book land.

I'd be happier about that if it weren't for the fact that every clod with a laptop is "publishing" his/her "book" these days via Kindle and Nook.  I don't like being associated so closely with crap.

More important, I think I finally have the kernel of an idea for another novel, at long last, and can begin roughing it out.  I'm going to find the time somehow, financial pressures or no.

So things are looking up, sort of.

Good luck with your querying to all my fellow lunatics who've chosen to write.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book Sales R Up!

Forget the stock market. Sales of adult fiction climbed 8.8 percent last year. E-book sales also climbed dramatically and juvenile books also had a strong showing.

Yay. Could this mean the long publishing nightmare is over? Do we poor writers now stand a better chance of getting our books published?

Does this news make you more hopeful?