Saturday, January 14, 2012

More eBook Madness

Formatting for Kindle is doable; to format for Nook, you need to understand some computer gobbledygook, or so it appears to me. The Nook formatting guidelines are indecipherable. So I see the value of Smashwords more and will let them do it all, save for Kindle.

Why the world doesn't work on one single operating system -- call it SOS! -- is beyond me.

Doing the cover yourself is sort of fun, but in my case, there are limitations. I downloaded a free PhotoShop-like application, but not the instructions (too long, don't care to read) so can't do that much with it. Still, I used it for a swell lighting effect.  Here's what the cover looks like (title/name obscured for now; you'll just have to wait):


  1. Wow! I like it. Very eye-catching. And I think the yellow is a great color choice. It'll really stand out on a book shelf. Are you having fun with this? Seems like it. And I see you even have a Twitter account. Hmmm, the one thing I've so far resisted. I'll just have to follow you here.