Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chain Mail Epic Fail

I didn't really expect, of course, that my plan would work. The plan being that everyone to whom I sent an email announcing the epubbing of TAINTED SOULS would forward it to their buds, who would forward it to their buds, and so on, pretty soon touching base with all seven billion souls on the planet, or at least that portion of them with an Internet connection.

Given the, uhm, modest sales of the book so far, this has been an epic fail, "as the kids would say." (Either that or a huge portion of those seven billion has rejected the book, a prospect too dismal to contemplate.)  Still, one could dream.

So, on to Plan B. Gotta get readers in the know. They can't buy the book if they don't know it's there.

I'd love to come up with a video that would go viral. My only idea, however, is a vid of my kids rapping, "Buy my dad's book or he'll kill our puppy." My kids insist this would be a bad idea, the old adage that "There's no such thing as bad publicity" notwithstanding.

I can't afford to spend any money trying to juice this thing. Heck, these days I can't afford the electricity that's powering this laptop I'm writing with.

So. Ideas anyone?


  1. I'd suggest a guest post or two here and there. I've heard crime fiction blogs are pleasant to deal with.

  2. I don't think it was an epic fail. It got me, who hasn't checked my Google Reader in months, to find your new blog and buy the book! Should I delete this blog from my Google Reader now, by the way? Are you done here?

  3. Steve: I'll try to think of something.
    Meghan. To paraphrase an old Madonna song, "I'm keeping this baby!"

  4. There was a post on Query Tracker about multiplying your reach. Did you happen to see it? I don't tweet but maybe some day I'll have to consider it. Anyway, in your case since you've already taken a big step, maybe this would help you reach a bigger audience.

  5. Dear Lit Manners,
    My sister gave your book two thumbs up, which is good because I gave the recommendation with a 100% money-back guarantee. BUT she read the copy on my mother's kindle - should I complain? Paul W.

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  7. (I keep forgetting I gotta sign in as Travener here.)

    Thanks, Yvonne -- I haven't read the QT blog lately.

    Paul - Are you saying your sis didn't pay for her own copy? I'mma calling the FTC....

  8. Alright damnit I just bought it. And I'm forwarding a link to all my friends without even seeing the first page yet. So there.