Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trav Publishes Novel as eBook!

Go here to see it for Kindle, or to Smashwords for other devices. Don't know what will happen to the BL, but I started a new blog under my own name. So...find me here.

Thanks to all for hanging in with me for the past two and a half years.


  1. The new blog is nice too but this one feels like an old friend. I'm off to Smashwords to check it out. I'm going to be part of an anthology coming out in the spring on Smashwords and Kindle so I also have a selfish interest in how this all works. (resisting the purchase of an electronic reader) CONGRATULATIONS!

  2. Many congratulations! I read your first chapter way back in the day...and now am looking forward to buying the book!

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  4. Oops. Managing two blogs under two names can get confusing sometimes. Anyway, thanks everyone!

    Lt. -- Hey! Glad to hear from you. You've sort of disappeared. Hope this means you'll be blogging again soon!

  5. Hey Travener - I downloaded your book this weekend and have started to read. Very enjoyable so far!

    I think blogging is off the table for me in the foreseeable future, just bc of time. My day job is extremely hectic. I've been spending a lot of my "spare" time working with a local website focused on books and writing, which is hopefully making me some good connections. And I started a new novel around Thanksgiving time and have been devoting my early mornings to it. Something had to give, and that something was the blog.